Happy Mail Swap for Jessica in The Netherlands

I am sad to say that I did not get a plethora of beautiful pictures for this amazing project because I was eager to send it and forgot (enter facepalm emoji here). I get too excited to share all the crafty goodness that I whip it out and send it away without the pics! Here are the two pics I did manage to take:

This is late in the evening after I was done... notice the chaos around my desk! Yeah... I had a lot of crafty fun creating this project!

Then I managed to remember to snap a pic of the package before I took it to the post office.

I used some gorgeous patterned paper as the shipping label. All I did was cut it down into strips and glued them onto my package. Then wrote her address on it... easy peasy. Don't you love the fabulous photography skills in these two pictures??? I know... crafty eye candy ;D And how about that finger board prop to cover her address... skill... that's all I can say there! haha!

I did also manage to get a quick live video of the finished project. It's a short but sweet video so have a view at it here:


I had a few people interested in a tutorial for this project so stay tuned for that... yes, I will take lots of pictures for you :D

Until the next crafty project my friends, happy crafting!