Scrappy Wednesday: Scrap Envelope Scrap Book

The whole postage theme is really growing on me! Now I need to get those stamps that I never thought I would use. Well, I thought they were neat but now I really need them in my collection, haha! Check these out. And these. Oh, and of course the coordinating punch!

This scrap book really was made out of scraps! I collected a few envelopes that I would have normally tossed and thought they would be great for pockets in an album! The following tutorial is exactly what I had in mind!

Some materials I used were:

-Lullaby DSP


-2-1/2" Circle Punch

-Scrap Chip Board from the back of my DSP packs (that really thick paper/cardboard piece that lines the back of your paper)

For the tutorial, check out the video! Enjoy and send me some pictures of your scrap envelope scrap book on my facebook page, I'd love to see them!

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