Fun Friday: Granola Bar Belly Band

2014-07-12 14.48.14.jpg

As you may know, Convention is coming up and I wanted to make a few swaps. I had a challenging time finding one so I came up with a few options. Do you remember the cute Granola Bar Box? Well here is another granola bar centered prototype.

2014-07-12 14.48.22.jpg

P.s. I decided to go with this granola bar belly band because I was running out of time to make swaps as well as time to order more product to make all the swaps I have!

How did I come up with the thought of granola bars for swaps? Well, if anyone is like me, I get hungry and need to eat often and I am imagining that our time at Convention will be busy so I wanted to give a snack.

2014-07-12 14.48.07.jpg

So on one of my regular trips to Costco, I was looking for the most bang for my buck so I saw the massive box of granola bars which advertised 98 bars per box and I thought, " THAT'S PERFECT!" As I was getting down to the bottom of the box when I was putting my swaps together, I realized that what "98 bars!" meant was that there was 49 packs of two :/ Grrr... I had prepared for 98 packs! Sneaky much?!

Any way, I made all 49 of my granola bar belly band swaps and they all look so fun and inviting! Check out the video for the complete tutorial!

Happy crafty weekend, all!